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Monday, 23 September 2019

Patreon ceo Jack Conte Caricature

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Jack Conte
Refresh Caricature of Patreon CEO. Jack Conte
Caricature by Caricaturelives

Wedding Caricature Life Size Cut-out

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Wedding caricature life size Cut-out
Caricaturelives provide for your personalized wedding caricature with your theme or idea. From our e-copy (soft copy) you can make a life size cut-out

Caricaturelives offer higher resolution e-copies for your any purpose of prints.
Get it today for your wedding and reception

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Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Wedding Caricature for Card or Einvite Rate

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Thanks for interesting on Caricature. Here we announce best and budget cheap rate for your requests. Yes. please check the rate card now.

You can choose any type rate. we sure to give our best on output.

Actually the rate different is based on Resolution or Dpi and Sizes only. And we never go with old template, if you have a own idea or theme. So feel free to share your idea or theme.

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Here Rate Card

(Please click and zoom it)
Rate card for wedding caricature invitation or einvite

Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Offers for Caricature by Caricaturelives

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Caricaturelives, Gives best offer on sketch level correction and 2nd level color edit options. Get more rate discount on Group Caricature.

We can make 3 to 12 person in one caricature with your theme or idea.

Here, Some offer and work process details here.
Please click for it's best view...

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Caricature with Caricaturelives

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Caricaturelives, Share hearty wishes to you and welcome to entering the world with your Caricature. We are happy working with you!

Here, Some basic details and rates here.
Please click for it's best view...

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Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Caricature on fix rated yourself

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Hi All

We are happy to share this message,
Fix rate yourself, pay your rate bill via

send your best photos to

Stay tuned for a Day (max 3 Days) and Get your Caricature face 1080p HD version via email

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Thursday, 1 June 2017

Wedding Invitation Caricature themed

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So, You are ready to do Caricature...

Already you have a Love story, How you meet your lover? how you proposed? Which idea makes a Great result? Finally connect, how you plan for a getting married? How it will be grand also...

You have idea for your wedding invitation. You can make a theme with your love story or with your idea. So why you pay for Template or old works? Are you sure go with this? why you pay more for old or template works? Just for head change business? Why you stand with line as a 10+1?

You are a very new for a Marriage life, Be individual and be pride with your own Wedding Caricature...

only at Caricaturelives


Caricaturelives never start from old works or from template and head change business in Caricature.

Caricaturelives Never use Photo smudge technic in Caricature

Caricaturelives, makes complete manual artwork with digital coloring

Caricaturelives accepts unlimited correction on Sketch level

Caricaturelives accept color changes on 2nd level

Caricaturelives accepts advance for sketch process and ask your suggestion, then you can pay rest for color process

Caricaturelives has a years of experience

Caricaturelives is the Best Caricature provider in India

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