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Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Donald Trump Elected President

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Caricaturelives Share it's wishes to,
Donald Trump is elected president of USA

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Caricature style and types

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Hi all

We happy to share the Caricature output types

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New look for caricaturelives

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Hi All
Recently we make new welcome page for our Caricaturelives website...

It designed with some of our past years Wedding Caricatures, we thanks for its owners. Mostly, caricarturelives not share the clients caricature without their permission; till a minimum three months to a year, we respect their privacy.

Some of clients request or give permission to publish my caricature on your Caricaturelives website.

So we add some of caricature on our welcome page

Just look out...

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

La La Land Caricatue Themed

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Ask your themed Caricature at

We never use template, Share your theme or idea, get your Caricature on best rates!
La La Land Movie themed Caricaure
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Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Live Caricature via skype

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Live Caricature via Skype
Caricaturelives Starts Live Caricature at your Home and Office via Skype.
Add "Caricaturelives" on Skype contact list. Pay via PayPal or Net or Mobile Banking

Rates: (INR)
Rs. 499 (Per Head - B&W)
Rs. 999 (Per Head - Color)

You can get your Caricature, Higher Resolution Digital copy within minutes (minimum 2 minutes or maximum 15 minutes)

More info
Mail to -

Thursday, 5 May 2016

Hawai hula Caricature

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Hi all

Recently I did this Caricature, titled " Hawai hula Dance" based on hawalian  themed. Any one can use this theme for wedding invitation...

You like it? Buzz  me on whatsapp: +91 9442783450

Kabali Rajini

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Kabali Movie - Rajini
Click the picture and see big size...

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Free Caricature on your birthday

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Caricaturelives Welcomes you all
From 21 Feb 2016 we offer Free Caricature / per day / per one person / on their birthday. Anyone, who celebrate their own birthday, send your 2 recent photos with Facebook Birthday Greeting (as a Proof) Screenshot and Get your Caricature on that day Evening.

 Please see on the Picture

This is completely free service
We share your Caricature on our Blog (here) and Facebook Page

T and C
* This Free offer is subject to change anytime, You have no rights to compel the artist.
* We post your caricature on that day evening only.
* see Your caricature at
* Not for sale. We never share the best copy.
* You are surely submit the details via email, today birthday wishes proof (Facebook wishes or greeting screenshot)
* no past, no tomorrow birthdays, we accepts today Birthdays only
* It is free, selected for One Person (1) only  (Let’s check your lucky)
* Your photos will be safe, we keep it in secret
* Do not ask question or request about the free service