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Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Free Caricature on your birthday

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Caricaturelives Welcomes you all
From 21 Feb 2016 we offer Free Caricature / per day / per one person / on their birthday. Anyone, who celebrate their own birthday, send your 2 recent photos with Facebook Birthday Greeting (as a Proof) Screenshot and Get your Caricature on that day Evening.

 Please see on the Picture

This is completely free service
We share your Caricature on our Blog (here) and Facebook Page

T and C
* This Free offer is subject to change anytime, You have no rights to compel the artist.
* We post your caricature on that day evening only.
* see Your caricature at
* Not for sale. We never share the best copy.
* You are surely submit the details via email, today birthday wishes proof (Facebook wishes or greeting screenshot)
* no past, no tomorrow birthdays, we accepts today Birthdays only
* It is free, selected for One Person (1) only  (Let’s check your lucky)
* Your photos will be safe, we keep it in secret
* Do not ask question or request about the free service