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Thursday, 23 March 2017

Logo for Caricaturelives - Caricatures

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Dear all,
We are happy to share our, Caricaturelives new logo. This logo covers the 4 main topics and 1 hidden message...

1) The letter C  - Caricaturelives - Our Caricature service name, in India and Worldwide
2) World - Globe covered by letter C, But Globe is in Top
3) Traditional Art Brush - for Still we are doing Manual Art on Paper, Canvas and all
4) Digital Mouse Pen - We have strong knowledge for Digital art

So what is the Hidden message?

The is logo delivered the message to all, "It is Excellent"
Yeah, We have a this best note from all my clients, friends and well wishers, based on our, Caricaturelives service and it's best output.

Be proud with our logo on your ordered caricature for Wedding Invitation, Gift Caricature, Caricature Sketches and all from Caricaturelives

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Thanks all